Rockets and Flights

ManufacturerModelNameMotor MotorFlightsSuccess Flight Apogee (m)Chute DeployRecovery
PMLCalistoPML -CalistoAerotech H1152Yes750SingleYes
PMLSpitfireSpitfireAerotech I140W1Yes914SingleLost
PMLArielArielAerotech H219T2Yes365DualYes
LOC PrecisionHyperLoc 835Bodgy OneAerotech J425R1Yes751DualYes
EstesSa-2061 SashaSa-2061 SashaEstesD12-71Yes420SingleYes
Estes0651 Der Red MaxDer Red MaxSCRC6-31Yes230SingleYes
EstesNike-X Nike-X SCRC6-51Yes180SingleYes
RocketariumSandia SandhawkSandhawkSCRE201Yes375SingleYes
LOC PrecisionAthena3AthenaAerotech H182R-141Yes518SingleYes
LOC PrecisionLil' DiterLil' DiterAerotech H100W-101Yes692SingleYes
North Coast RocketryBounty HunterBounty HunterCTIH163-101Yes2211SingleYes
North Coast RocketryCluster DuckCluster DuckTBATBA0TBATBASingleTBA
Australian RocketryKatana 6KatanaBSAM2000R0TBATBADualTBA
Mac Performance RocketryZodiac (4inch)ZodiacTBATBA0TBATBADualTBA
PMLTomahawk (3inch)TomahawkCTIH100-8
1Yes1527SingleYes - 1 fin damaged

Calisto – My first HPR

PML – Ariel





LOW Power Rockets!!

The Fever , my first Rocket build. Great Rocket , its flown 4 times without a hitch great flyer from Southern Cross Rocketry


PML – Spitfire

This was the rocket I was going to do my Level 2 Cert on , but alas during a shakedown flight on an I 140 WL , it was lost somewhere on the next farm in snake infested tall grass, suffice to say , i wasn’t going till I had my snake repellent pants on!


A beautiful Flight …

Alas that was the last time I saw it , I still go to that field every so often and longingly stare out , just in case…


Mac Performance 4″ Zodiac – Rear

Mac Performance 4″ Zodiac – Pointy End… very shiny

Couple North Coast Rocketry – Bounty Hunter and a just started Cluster Duck

NCR Cluster Duck now completed with a firing loom I created , it didn’t work very well , will need to relook at this

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