QRS Launch April 2021

Had a great launch day today! Today I focused on my Low & Mid Power Rockets . First cab of the rank were both the Estes Red Max and the Nike X. Went to launch the Red Max first , but alas due to the wind , and possibly operator error , one of the alligator clips came undone and there for lost continuity. The Nike X had no such problem and launched on a C6-5, beautifully to 590f. Chute deployed as expected and landed softly behind the cars … just 🙂 I quickly reconnected the alligator clip for the Red Max when I was able, and it too launched on a C6-3 without a hitch (750f) and followed the exact same path as the Nike X almost landing on the same spot !

After that was the one I was really looking forward to , my first 2 stage rocket , the SA-2061 SASHA. I got a D12-0 and D12-7 for the motors and the rocket launched without fail separating as soon as the D12-0 was finished and lighting the next stage immediately driving the rocket to about 1400 feet. Got the chute deployment , but boy it drifted away for some time. I was well pleased and thanks to Petar , Alan and Greg was able to retrieve all the parts as they kept an eye on both. The last launch of the day was the Rocketarium Sandhawk , which flew on an E20-7 motor. It was a great launch to approximate 1100 feet but after the chute deployed , it got tangled and even separated at about 100 feet of the ground. There was no damage and I was able to retrieve the rocket and errant chute.

Finally I was going to fly the Calisto on an H182R , but it spat the igniter and unfortunately we weren’t able to jury rig another one that worked as there were no HPR igniters left for the day. I’ll just have to keep it for the next launch.

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